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The wall of fish and shrimp

The dive along the right wall of Cala Tramontana begins with a seabed of black lava stone. The wall is made up of lava rock, whose cracks provide excellent shelter for rock-dwelling species and shellfish. With a slow descent down to the depth of 40 m, you will come to an opening of considerable size known as the “grotta dei gamberi” (the “shrimp cave”), which features an opening about 1 m in height and 3 m in width. From the cave, begin your ascent heading west to return to the dive site. 

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Hellenistic and Roman remains

This location named “Anchor Stock in Capo Grosso” is also in the area of the sea north of Levanzo. From the dive point at about 10 m from the coast, visitors can see the numerous anchor stocks still lying on the sea floor thanks to the crystal clear water, with no need to follow a pre-defined route. 

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CALA GADIR (archaeological itinerary)

Underwater archaeology for all skill levels

Cala Gadir offers itineraries that are suitable for divers with open water licenses, as well as more advanced divers. The dive begins near the first slipway, which reaches a depth of 6 m at the entrance corridor marked by yellow and white buoys. Heading about 20 m to the north, you will come to a rocky ridge. 

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