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The pearl of Pantelleria

The Punta Rubasacchi dive starts at the boat mooring point, at a depth of about 8 m, with the wall on the right and to the north-east, following the landslide of large boulders. Descending slowly to the seabed so as to observe the cavities and recesses of the landslide, after about 100 metres of swimming you will reach the depth of 30 m, where there are large isolated boulders to explore, which are spaced a few metres apart. Continuing in the same direction, and after about 50 m on the outside, you will come to an overhang at the depth of 35 m: the cut of the rock drops sharply down and disappears into the deep. Before the cut, begin heading east, where the lava rock ridge contains holes and cavities that are home to scorpionfish, as well as orange and yellow coral and small greater amberjacks. After about 200 m, you will find yourself back at the mooring point. 

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Punic, Greco-Italic and Imperial Roman amphorae

The beginning of the itinerary, which is marked by a buoy, can be reached by land from the Cala Tramontana pier, or else by sea by mooring your boat to the appropriate float. The itinerary begins at a depth of about 8 m, on a seabed covered with sea grass that slopes down to a sandy plateau. 

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The shipwreck dive suitable for all skill levels

The shipwreck site is located almost at the centre of Cala Tramontana. The dive begins over a seabed 12 m in depth, which gently slopes down to a sandy plateau at a depth of about 7 m, where the outline of the wreck can be seen in the distance. The stern of the steel Libyan vessel, which was sunk in 2001, lies at a depth of about 18 m. Layout of the wreck: the stern lies to the north-west and the bow lies to the south-east. 

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