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The itinerary of minnows, sea slugs and blennies

The Scoglio della Canna dive takes place at a modest depth, and involves the circumnavigation of the sea stack while remaining close to the wall. The wall, in fact, descends perpendicularly to a shoal at a 25 metre depth, where piles of rocks and boulders lie huddled around the foot of the stack itself. 

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Hellenistic and Roman remains

This location named “Anchor Stock in Capo Grosso” is also in the area of the sea north of Levanzo. From the dive point at about 10 m from the coast, visitors can see the numerous anchor stocks still lying on the sea floor thanks to the crystal clear water, with no need to follow a pre-defined route. 

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The shipwreck dive suitable for all skill levels

The shipwreck site is located almost at the centre of Cala Tramontana. The dive begins over a seabed 12 m in depth, which gently slopes down to a sandy plateau at a depth of about 7 m, where the outline of the wreck can be seen in the distance. The stern of the steel Libyan vessel, which was sunk in 2001, lies at a depth of about 18 m. Layout of the wreck: the stern lies to the north-west and the bow lies to the south-east. 

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