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Vulcano's ideal night diving location

Due to the clarity of the water along this stretch of coast, the verticality of the wall’s first stretch can even be made out from the surface. Following a slightly disconnected tract, the rocky seabed gradually turns into a long expanse of larger boulders from a landslide. The boundary that delineates the end of the landslide is extremely deep and should not be crossed. During the re-ascent, you will encounter small canyons at the far end of Capo Testa Grossa. This is Vulcano’s ideal night diving location. Once anchored in the small bay facing north of the Cape, where the depth is no greater than 15 metres, proceed forward while keeping the submerged rock face on your left hand side. 

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Cala Minnola

Amphorae in the sea grass

In the water off Cala Minnola, at just a few dozen metres from Punta Albarella, a Roman shipwreck can be found at a depth of 27 to 30 m. The wreck features the remains of a shipload of amphorae (fifty), as well as numerous fragments of black painted pottery (used on-board), which have remained in their original location on the seabed. 

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The shipwreck dive suitable for all skill levels

The shipwreck site is located almost at the centre of Cala Tramontana. The dive begins over a seabed 12 m in depth, which gently slopes down to a sandy plateau at a depth of about 7 m, where the outline of the wreck can be seen in the distance. The stern of the steel Libyan vessel, which was sunk in 2001, lies at a depth of about 18 m. Layout of the wreck: the stern lies to the north-west and the bow lies to the south-east. 

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