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The grotto of the neophytes

At the exit from Cala Rotonda, a charming pathway that provides access to a cave (through alternating polychrome and widely varied passages), can be found on the right hand side. Light effects, semi-dark chambers, colourful pinnacles, and spectacular rock faces provide a thrilling experience for the onlooker. The entrance to the cave can be found at a depth of about 6-8 metres. The area is also of interest for freedivers. 

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The barbary pirate ship of Punta Libeccio

Just north of Punta Libeccio, at about 100 m from the coast, a site known as the “Relitto dei Cannoni” (the “Wreckage of Cannons’’) can be found at a depth of 15 m. The gently sloping seabed, which is characterised by naturally split rocks alternating with clearings of sand and gravel, contains traces of an ancient shipwreck: eight cannons of uniform size and characteristics, six of which are lying in disarray along a vaguely rectilinear axis, while the other two are offset by about 20 m to the west. The total distance between the farthest cannons is about 30 m. 

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The “Sabbione Bianco”: the plain of sand that extends as far as the eye can see

The Martingana dive begins from the white rocks, from which we slowly head down to the bottom on the south side and follow the volcanic wall on the left, the circumnavigation of which constitutes our underwater pathway. The large wall is full of cracks and small natural niches, it also has a small cave known as “shrimp cave”, which is about 30 m deep. It is recommended to descend slowly in order to observe every corner and cavity of this impressive ridge. The spectacular “White Sand” feature is an enormous expanse of white sand that stretches as far as the eye can see from the foot of the wall (maximum depth of about 40 m). 

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