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The beginners' dive

The dive starts on a short rocky top just over 15 m from the wall, and at a depth of approximately 10 m. Following the seabed eastward, you will come to a rocky ledge. From this point, follow the wall (which becomes less steep) in a north-easterly direction, keeping it on your left. The base of the wall reaches depths of up to 25 m, with a mixed sand and rock seabed covered primarily by lush sea grass. Proceeding in a north-easterly direction, initially maintain the same depth and then gradually climb for about 45 m as you follow the route in the opposite direction. 

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Punic, Greco-Italic and Imperial Roman amphorae

The beginning of the itinerary, which is marked by a buoy, can be reached by land from the Cala Tramontana pier, or else by sea by mooring your boat to the appropriate float. The itinerary begins at a depth of about 8 m, on a seabed covered with sea grass that slopes down to a sandy plateau. 

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The “Sabbione Bianco”: the plain of sand that extends as far as the eye can see

The Martingana dive begins from the white rocks, from which we slowly head down to the bottom on the south side and follow the volcanic wall on the left, the circumnavigation of which constitutes our underwater pathway. The large wall is full of cracks and small natural niches, it also has a small cave known as “shrimp cave”, which is about 30 m deep. It is recommended to descend slowly in order to observe every corner and cavity of this impressive ridge. The spectacular “White Sand” feature is an enormous expanse of white sand that stretches as far as the eye can see from the foot of the wall (maximum depth of about 40 m). 

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