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The dive with the walls perpendicular to the rocky tower

The top of the Secca Scirocco shoal is located at a depth of 20 m, while the main body of the shoal begins at 25 m. The dive starts from this terrace. The walls descend perpendicularly to the rock tower, which is elliptical in shape. Those on the east side are the most vertical. The path to be followed can be freely selected, and when the entire shoal is visible, you can descend along whichever side you prefer, afterwards ascending in either a spiral or straight manner. At the base on the south side, a series of rocks lie scattered not far from the foot of the shoal itself. 

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Hellenistic and Roman remains

This location named “Anchor Stock in Capo Grosso” is also in the area of the sea north of Levanzo. From the dive point at about 10 m from the coast, visitors can see the numerous anchor stocks still lying on the sea floor thanks to the crystal clear water, with no need to follow a pre-defined route. 

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The natural and cultural itinerary

The morphology of the coastline and seabed consists of an imposing rocky outcropping that creates a natural wall in the underwater environment. The Basiluzzo underwater itinerary begins at the base of this block, at a depth of about 12 m. Following the guiding rope, which indicates the pathway, you will come to the base of the ridge. Heading southward, at a depth of about 15 m, you will have the chance to glide over a sandy hollow intermittently colonised by small banks of sea grass, until you come to the plateau. Returning along the guiding rope, the seabed rises in large steps as you overcome a series of big isolated rocks. At the depth of 6.7 m, you will encounter a submerged wall structure. 

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